Printed boxes for Aromadough

We recently did printed work for Aromadough, a company that makes and sells playdough. But not just ordinary playdough, theirs is filled with essential oils for Aromatherapy use. Available in many variants such as “study” (lemongrass & lime), “travel” (ginger, spearmint & peppermint) and “energy” (peppermint & lavender), these doughs are really therepeutic to play with.

An excerpt from their website:

Aromadough is a perfect vehicle to get essential oils into your system. Your skin is absorbing the essential oils as well as the massively beneficial coconut oil into the skin on your hands as you play with it. You are also breathing in the essential oil molecules every time you smell the dough. 

Aromadough can be contacted through their website

Contact us at for printed boxes. The below is a kraft box with a white print.


Jessica Verne
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