Sweet Lion Heart ft. our mint boxes

“Born from a love of stealing hearts with sweet, sugary things – LionHeart is the personification of co-owners Nikki Albertyn and Karmen de Reuck’s infatuation with pâtisserie. Known for it’s colourful and delicious baked creations, the online-based pâtisserie studio located in Woodstock, Cape Town, officially opened in February 2016. From custom cakes to beautifully crafted sweet treats, we have something for any sweet human.”

Sweet Lion Heart makes cakes, rocket pops, and even vegan cupcakes to order. They recently purchased our mint boxes for their rocket pops, and the photos we received warmed our hearts! Their beautiful work of art rocket pops are showcased beautifully in our PVC mint boxes, allowing their customers to experience a full view of their art pieces. Almost too good to eat!

You can read all about the products that they offer over on their website www.sweetlionheart.com.



Jessica Verne
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